Chemical seen a mixture consists of two substances at least, like the air we breeze containing oxygene, nitrogene, carbon dioxide and helium.

The Rusira Mixtett ist an assortment of different musicians blowing this air through wind instruments or beating on their drums to get it in motion.

Ruth ›Rusira‹ Schepers fulfilled her desire to have an akustic band playing in the open countryside in the sun or in a smoky jazzclub as well. A good melody applies to every genre, that’s kind of her motto. The pieces she composed are for eight wind instruments and a drummer for listening and dancing. They are inspired of Jazz, Italian brassbands and spicy food. Not considering the usual schemes she sends her melodies on a journey to find their own structures.

The musicians are coming from different stylistic backgrounds. There is soloing without safety net and collective improvisations. They fall apart, regroup, everyone leading and blending as well. Through their musical skills and understanding they make the stories in the songs come alive.

 In 2011, the Rusira Mixtett won the Studio Jazz Prize with support of the Senat of Berlin. Thank you, Senat of Berlin!!!

Ruth Schepers, composer, soprano- und altosaxophone, flute, clarinet

appreciates and composes music from any kind but loves jazz the most. Founder of the Rusira Mixtett. Loves individuality and a sense of humour in music.

20130414 RSM BaHa Schepers PWFG 13

Tobias Dettbarn, clarinet

is a classical educated clarinetist and a natural free player. Cadenzas, Capriolas or section - anything you want!

20130414 RSM BaHa Dettbarn PWFG 01

Christian Magnusson, trumpet

was born in sweden and grew up in switzerland he is also on trumpet a cosmopolit. Played with numerous bands from duo to bigband and musicians of every style.

Rusira 20100603 PWFG 091

Anna Kaluza, altosaxophone at home in totally improvised music. Anna and the moment are undivible partners.

20140220 RSM HDS Kaluza PWFG 03

Anke Lucks, trombone

Is telling stories with her trombone. As a assoziative player and a melodist she is a treasured member of many ensembles of worldmusic, jazz or experimental music.

20130221 RSM CaBu Lucks PWFG 02

Andreas Dormann, baritonsaxophone a baritonsax player in countless ensembles with style variety from old school to free.

20140220 RSM HDS Dormann PWFG 05

Pauline Boeykens, tuba

…is US-American. She has lots of engagements in classical orchestras and jazzensembles or freestyle bands of the berlin jazz scene as well.


Lucia Martinez, drums

is a versatile musician with international experience. Born in spain she is touring regularly through SouthEurope and Columbia with her own projects.

20130221 RSM CaBu Martinez PWFG 02

Tom Dayan, drums

..was born in Israel, composer and drummer and a groove-specialist.

20140220 RSM HDS Dayan PWFG 02